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Eclectic Recipes Sitemap

Eclectic Recipes: Artichokes braised with peas
Artichokes braised with peas, or leeks, or potatoes.
Eclectic Recipes: Banana Rum Flambé
Flaming bananas with a rum-caramel sauce, served with cream. This classic combination makes an easy dessert.
Eclectic Recipes: Béchamel
Béchamel, the simplest sauce of all: a foundation you should be able to whip up in a jiffy.
Eclectic Recipes: Beef Stew
Beef stew with onions, mushrooms, and red wine. A hearty dish.
Eclectic Recipes: Seafood bisque
Seafood bisque — the method extracts flavour and colour from the shell and flesh of lobster and langoustines; cream and cognac give body and balance.
Eclectic Recipes: To Boil an Egg
Boiled eggs from quail to ostrich. Variations on a theme: eggs at sea level, eggs at altitude, slow-cooking: theory and practice.
Eclectic Recipes: Bread-and-butter Pudding
Bread-and-butter pudding. This classic combination makes a tasty dish from stale bread—just add eggs, butter and cream.
Eclectic Recipes: Brioche Dough
A rich yeast-leavened bread for a special breakfast or tea-time treat: it for a queen
Eclectic Recipes: Carnitas
Pork carnitas cooked, en confit, to melt in your mouth; serve with pico de gallo salsa.
Eclectic Recipes: Cheese Soufflé
A classic something you can easily whip up in a strange kitchen when you want to impress.
Eclectic Recipes: Chicken with Zucchini and Mascarpone Sauce
A quick and tasty pasta sauce.
Eclectic Recipes: Chicken and Coconut
Chicken tom yam with coconut, ginger, galangal and chiles.
Eclectic Recipes: Chicken Coulibiac
A quick and tasty chicken pie, with a difference. This version of a russian peasant pasty is filled with chicken and rice in a creamy sauce.
Eclectic Recipes: Chicken Liver Pâté
Pâté de foie de volailles. Chicken-liver pate with butter and cognac. Simple and cheap to make.
Eclectic Recipes: Chicken and Sweetcorn Pie
Chicken pot pie with sweetcorn in a white sauce.
Eclectic Recipes: Chocolate Polenta Pudding
A rich baked chocolate-pudding, with crunchy crust and smooth interior.
Eclectic Recipes: Chocolate Soufflé
Chocolate souffle — the quickest way to your loved-one's heart.
Eclectic Recipes: Chocolate Truffles
Add sensuous flavours to dark chocolate and heavy cream. Szechuan truffles and other delights.
Eclectic Recipes: Chocolate Pudding
An acrobatic, baked chocolate-pudding, which turns itself right-way-up while cooking. Simple and delicious.
Eclectic Recipes: Chou à la Crème
Recipe for Cabbage with cream and paprika: Chou à la Crème. Fit for a king!
Eclectic Recipes: Choux à la Crème
Choux pastry puffs with a filling of crème pâtissière
Eclectic Recipes: Choux Pastry
Choux Pastry: this basic recipe can be used for profiteroles, éclairs, gougères, beignets, and quenelles. Simple and foolproof; children love it!
Eclectic Recipes: Duck Confit
Duck cooked, en confit, to melt in your mouth. Gentle heat converts tough collagens into delicate gelatines. Tasty flavours suffuse the tender, succulent flesh.
Eclectic Recipes: Coulibiac
Salmon coulibiac: a quick and tasty russian fish pie.
Eclectic Recipes: Cream-Baked Fennel
Recipe for fennel with cream and parmesan: finnocio alla crema. Seriously good with pork!
Eclectic Recipes: Crème Anglaise
Real egg custard, sweet milk, thickened with egg-yolks, flavoured with vanilla; serve hot or cold.
Eclectic Recipes: Crème: Anglaise, Pâtissière, St Honoré
Creme patissiere, creme St Honore, and creme anglaise; three variations on a theme.
Eclectic Recipes: Crêpes
Thin, tender, and butter-rich, these pancakes can be used for sweet or savoury dishes.
Eclectic Recipes: Dacquoise
Hazelnut meringue: the perfect building material for an exotic cake.
Eclectic Recipes: Goose Confit
Goose cooked, confit, to melt in your mouth. This method of cooking keeps the flavours and moisture in the meat, while converting tough collagens into delicate gelatines. It removes the fat from the skin so it can easily be crisped in the oven.
Eclectic Recipes: Gravad lax
Recipe for Gravlax: salmon cured with pepper and dill.
Eclectic Recipes: Sesame Halva
Recipe for Sesame Halwa, or Tahini Halva: a sweet treat.
Eclectic Recipes: Honey Sesame Halva
Recipe for Honey Sesame, or Tahini, Halwa.
Eclectic Recipes: Lamb with almonds
Lamb with youghurt and almonds.
Eclectic Recipes: Liège Waffles
Recipes for plain or yeast-leavened Liège waffles.
Eclectic Recipes: Macaroon
Gluten-free, protein-rich sweet delight: almond macaroons.
Eclectic Recipes: Weights and Measures
Measuring by weight or by volume: kitchen conversions.
Eclectic Recipes: Microwave Chocolate Pudding
An acrobatic, baked chocolate-pudding. Throw it together and, hey-presto, you have a rich chocolate sponge pudding, sitting on a rich chocolate sauce.
Eclectic Recipes: Microwave Tips
Microwave Tips: you can use it to cook, not just for warming up leftovers. This page has tips on non-standard culinary uses for your microwave.
Eclectic Recipes: Milk Sesame Halvah
Recipe for Sesame Halva, or Tahini Halva: a milk sesame fudge.
Eclectic Recipes: Soupe aux moules
Mussel soup
Eclectic Recipes: Mushrooms on toast
Mushrooms in a black sauce, on toast with black pepper. A teatime treat.
Eclectic Recipes: Nesselrode Pudding
Chestnut and chocolate pudding. This classic combination makes a tasty yule log.
Eclectic Recipes: Pascal Lamb
Pascal lamb signifies the end of winter privation and a new year of indulgence. This dish combines saffron and exotic ginger with nuts and honey—foods from the promised land and beyond. It brings to mind spring sacrifices and pagan rituals: death, rebirth, and excess.
Eclectic Recipes: Pea soup with ham
Green pea soup with slow-cooked ham hock
Eclectic Recipes: Peanut Noodles
A quick snack: easy to make, easy to eat, good cold or hot. Great with grilled chicken or prawns, or just with alfalfa or cucumber.
Eclectic Recipes: Maple-pecan pie
Double pecan pecan pie.
Eclectic Recipes: Pickles
Pickling creates textures, savours and flavours we enjoy.
Eclectic Recipes: Polish Paella
Inspiration from Spain, ingredients from Poland (and Scotland)—smoky pork, spicy sausage, tender chicken and sea-sweet mussels cooked with rice, saffron and peppers, to melt in your mouth.
Eclectic Recipes: Pork and Beans
Ham hock with black-eye peas: a southern variation on Boston baked beans.
Eclectic Recipes: Pork Confit
Pork cooked to melt in your mouth.
Eclectic Recipes: Pound Cake
Pound cake - a pound of everything.
Eclectic Recipes: Power
Power (and energy) in the kitchen: how powerful is your burner, how long will it take to boil a kettle—and how about the microwave?
Eclectic Recipes: Ras el hanout
A North-african spice mix.
Eclectic Recipes: Red-Braised-Pork
Chairman Mao's favourite Pork, cooked to melt in your mouth.
Eclectic Recipes: Rillettes
A pork paté with distinctive texture and a wonderful flavour. It will melt in your mouth.
Eclectic Recipes: Salmon and Fennel
Salmon with a dry marinade of fennel, salt and pepper. Seared and served with lemon.
Eclectic Recipes: Scones
A dozen scones for when unexpected visitors arrive for tea. Sweet or savory, ready in a jiffy.
Eclectic Recipes: Simple Sesame Halva
Recipe for Sesame Halva, or Tahini Halva, with honey.
Eclectic Recipes: Soft Sesame Halva
Recipe for Sesame Halva, or Tahini Halva.
Eclectic Recipes: Szekelygulyas
Pork with sauerkraut and sour cream.
Eclectic Recipes: Tarragon Chicken
Roast chicken with tarragon and cream sauce
Eclectic Recipes: Rillettes tart
A quiche with rillettes—incroyable!
Eclectic Recipes: Tartiflette
A neo-classic combination from Haute-Savoie: onion and potatoes with smoked pork and cream, topped with reblochon.
Eclectic Recipes: Virginia Waffles
Fannie Farmer's recipe for Virginia waffles.
Eclectic Recipes: Brussels Waffles
Recipes for waffles: classic yeast-leavened Belgian waffles, simple waffles based on choux paste, and American waffles from Fannie Farmer.
Eclectic Recipes: Weight-of-an-Egg
How much does an egg weigh, and what difference does it make?
Eclectic Recipes: Weights and Measures
Kitchen weights and measures: cups and quarts; pounds and ounces; milli-liters and kilo-grams.